You found the man of your dreams, now you want to find the gown of your dreams.
Most brides that come through my door have an idea of what they want to wear on their wedding day, but are not sure of the exact cut, style, fabrics and with so many choices on the market it can be
quite overwhelming for any bride.

I always ask my brides a few key points. . .

  • Where is the wedding taking place
  • What is the vision you see for yourself
  • Are you  looking to get  a custom gown created just for you

Some brides don’t know what they want or what is available to them. This is when we have a little chat with our brides to find out a little more about her. We like to find out whether she is girly, sophisticated or classic. We like to find out how she wants people to see the wedding experience -  is it more vintage, romantic or is it laid back and more of a party? This will help decide what type of gown she would like to wear.

Once we determine the style of the wedding  we usually pick a number of gowns for her to try on and then start to get the feel for what she likes and what makes her feel fantastic. Some Brides want a slinky fitted gown but once they try on a ball gown it is often said “Wow I feel like a Princess” now that speaks volumes!

Often a bride will only like one element of a gown and struggle to find a gown that has all the key points they are looking for. This is where we would suggest a custom made gown which gives
the “wow” factor they want, and they get:

  • A one-off gown that fits like a glove
  • They get to see the whole gown from a sketch to the final gown come to life, creating a whole experience for them.

Whatever decision the bride makes, be it a custom couture gown or an off the rack gown, she needs to feel beautiful and special and look the best she can. The gown should be an extension of her personality.

My advice for any bride is when you are looking for that special gown, don’t bring too many people. One or two friends or relatives is plenty otherwise, and I see it often, brides can easily be swept up in others opinions and she loses the focus on what she wants.

Secondly;  I once heard a wedding gown is like a man,
once you fall in love stop looking!

Kelly Hillhouse
Owner & Head Designer