The team from Kel-Leigh Couture recently attended the Australian Bridal Industry Awards
where Kel-Leigh Couture was nominated in 3 categories.

Bridal Gown Boutique
Bridesmaids Gowns
Bridal Accessories

It was a huge thrill when it was announced Kel-Leigh Couture had once again
won the Bridesmaids Gown category two years in a row.

This is recognition of our hard working team striving to give our customers the best
before, during and after sales service.

We also received a letter of recoginition from the Bridal Industry Awards
which is included in this blog.



A fantastic photo shoot recently completed at the beautiful Somersby Gardens.

Great fun filled day with amazing photos from the very talented Andrew Hellmich from Impact Images

Great big thank you to Andrew from Impact Images and Brenda from Somersby Gardens


Photography by Lisa Lent


New Bridal Shoe Collection

Introducing our new collection of gorgeous Bridal Shoes

Now you can have the perfect shoes for your perfect gown.

The Harper is our plain luxury satin show available in white and ivory

Dont want plain?

We can customise the shoes to match your gown.
- Gorgeous Lace
- Fabulous Sparkle
or perhaps
- Something Blue

Contact or call in so you can step into married life
with your designer couture shoe.



The Beautiful Laura Lyndon


Couture Client


Laura - Our fantastic client
I fell in love with a style and theme for my dress quite quickly after getting engaged.
I looked in lots of stores for it for months with no luck.

I drive passed Kel-Leigh Couture everyday on my way to work and have always enjoyed looking at the beautiful windows.

I dropped into Kel-Leigh Couture by chance one day hoping they carried the designer I was looking for. Upon entering the shop I was greeted by the lovely sales staff who asked me questions no other store had asked.
What are you looking for?
What do you see for your day?
What is the theme and where are you holding your special day?

After going through the million ideas in my head the girls suggested the head designer Kel could make me exactly what I wanted in a gown.

I booked an appointment to have a couture gown sketched and the possibility of having it made. I made my sister come with me so I could bounce ideas off her and also ask her opinion for fabrics that I could choose from.

I was so comfortable with Kel straight away. We sat down and talked about what I wanted from the gown. I brought in pictures of what I wanted and we
discussed how to make it a different dress but something that I loved even more.

I sprawled fabric and lace all over the floor trying to decide. Kel showed me what textures would work well together and how we could place the lace on the dress so that it all perfectly flowed into each other.

I was so excited by the time that I left I was going to get more than I hoped for!!

My second appointment was for a calico fitting. The calico was not very glamorous but was needed for the dress to start being created. This was actually one of my favourite fittings as I got to chat more about what I wanted and bounced ideas while we both laughed our way through the fitting.

My second fitting I could see the gown was taking shape and Kel was just as excited to see it on as I was.

On the third fitting I could see the detail going into my dress. We talked about the placement of lace and where it would go on the dress and I was shown exactly what was going to be done for the next fitting. The next fitting and the lace was on and
OH MY GOD I was in love!

A couple of days passed since that fitting and I decided I wanted to move a couple of pieces of lace around and fill some gaps. When I told Kel she was amazing and was more than happy to change it with no problems at all.

I picked my dress up on the Tuesday before my wedding. I walked into the design room and there was my gown hanging up beautifully with a complimentary veil that matched my dress and a beautiful blue ribbon sewn into the tag just in case I forgot to cry when I saw it.

The little touches that were added to the experience were above and beyond what anybody else does or would think to ask for. Kel and the Kel-Leigh Couture team were helpful, kind, funny and professional.



Kel - Bridal Designer
When I first met Laura we had a chat about the dress she wanted and had my fingers crossed Laura would ask me to create her dream gown. I wasn't sure if all the things Laura wanted would work but it did have me very intrigued on how to work it out.

I didn't have to wait long and before we knew it the sketches were done, patterns made and a toile fitting of the gown had been sewn up.

The whole process was so exciting and Laura kept an open mind about how the gown would take shape as we experimented along the way with straps, placing of the lace and the length of the train. The end result was simply stunning.

Laura's gown was created using silk satin as a base with a silk white double tulle overlay which then held all the lace that was cut by hand and placed into the gown. The lace was a gorgeous natural colour that consisted of a metallic silver thread stitched through the design. We also used a beautiful "swirl" lace that I then hand stitched with metallic silver thread to combine the two laces together.



Photo Shoot with Impact Images

Recently we were privileged to team up again with Andrew Hellmich from Impact Images for a location shoot with a couple of our new couture gowns from this years collection.

The day started early with our two gorgeous models Katerina and Sophie, Sophie being from our very own central coast model agency, Polished by Donna. The girls started at 8am with hair and make up from the very talented and lovely Lee Hanley from Lee Hanley hair and make up.

The theme for the day was elegance and classic.

Once the girls were all beautified we headed off to our location- Somersby Falls.  I have been wanting to do a photo shoot there for so long and the day did not disappoint!

We picked a beautiful spot to set up "camp" to the pleasure of onlookers! The girls quickly got changed in to their first gowns, and yes they got changed right there on the rock with a little help of us trying to keep them modest.

Andrew scouted the area for the first shot and I must say it is always amazing watching this man work. I don't always see what he is seeing but once he clicks his camera a couple of times and shows me what he shot. Just Amazing!!

I always love doing location shoots, the whole outdoor environment, using the elements, different light at different times of the day and just seeing what happens always spells a great shoot for me. The girls were awesome and up for anything even when we suggested getting into the falls!  We didn't get a chance to do that but so much credit to them, they didn't say no!!

We spent the next few hours moving around and getting one awesome shot after another, to the point where poor Andrew had to get himself and his equipment in the water to get the right angle. The shots are truly amazing.

Andrew photographed Sophie at the lower waterfall just perfect for a few photos with the contrast of the white gown and the bright green of the moss and the rocks in the background created an almost whimsical look.

Huge thank you to Andrew, Lee, Katerina and Sophie for being so professional and easy to work with.


Starting the search for you bridal gown...Let me help

Most brides that enter our store have a rough idea or vision of the gown they would like to wear on their wedding day.

If you are a brides who does not know what type of gown to wear, don't panic! I can fix that and give you some useful information to help make the process of selecting your Bridal gown easy and fun.

First off do a little research as to styles you love. You don't have to fall in love with the whole gown but there may be aspects of some dresses you love. Build up a little potfolio of the gowns that catch your eye and before you know it you will find that you tend to lean towards a particular style of gown.

I recommend coming to your appointment wearing beige coloured underwear and a strapless bra. For the super organised bride I even recommend bringing  along a pair of shoes if you want to see how they feel in a gown.

When visiting stores, be honest with the consultant about what you are looking for and advise your budget. Always come armed with a budget. There is nothing worse than seeing brides fall in love with gowns that are way over budget only to be really disappointed when they find out the price. The consultant should never show you any gowns that are way over your budget.

If you feel pressured or the sales assistant isn't helping you enough then my advice is to leave the store. Your consultant should  be sharing your excitement and make the experience fun and exciting.

On that note also trust your consultant as in my store the staff are trained in the latest bridal styling and will know what gowns will look the best on you. Sometimes more often than not the gown you purchase is the one we pick for you!

Another piece of good advice is when looking for gowns don't bring too many people with you.  I usually recommend bringing mum, sister and one other, but less is better.  As I say "you" chose the man so "you" should be able to pick your dress. Everybody has their own taste which will give you too many opinions. I have seen brides booking a gown that everybody loves except them.

You will know when you find the right dress. You may not be a squealing, jumping up and down kind of bride but trust me something inside you will smile when you put your gown on.

While you are with your consultant  ask as many questions as you can even if you think it is silly. We are here to help you find your perfect gown and make the whole experience fun and exciting. We love our job and want you to have the best experience. Have fun and enjoy the process. This is your special day.



School Formals

Well the 2014 school formals are over for another year and what a year it was. We had many school formal gowns purchased through our store and the girls looked amazing.

I decided to give all the young ladies who will be celebrating their year 10 and 12 formals next year a little insight as to what happens and things to know when purchasing your gown.

This year at Kel-Leigh Couture our formal season started quite early in May! Each year we design and bring in a collection especially selected for our school formal range. Some of these also consist of limited edition gowns that are solely first in best dressed!

At Kel-Leigh Couture we create a data base of all formals gowns purchased with us so the same gown does not turn up at the same formal. This means the girls are getting in sooner so they have a better choice.

Just in case it crossed your mind, we will NEVER give anyone's  name out and what they are wearing, so  your dress selection stays a secret with us.

Our best advice is to come shopping with a style in mind if you have one, forget colour as some styles/designs may not be available in your desired colour and you may see another colour you love.  tip - Don't let colour rule your choice.

We also suggest that maybe you bring mum or dad when you come in to try dresses on. Usually it is mum or dad that is paying for the gown and it is better to ask them if the dress you selected from the rack is affordable.

Now apart from our limited edition gowns which are held in store and can be purchased and taken home on the same day, most gowns can take between two to seventeen weeks to arrive.  You will also need to allow time for any alterations and hems - we suggest these fittings are done 4 weeks before your formal. tip - To avoid disappointment book your gown early.

Most of all have fun and enjoy this time in your lives!



For the Love of Lace

Article that was featured in the Central Coast
Express Advocate earlier this year.

As a leading Bridal expert Kelly provides the latest
Bridal fashion advice to Brides on the Central Coast
and offers some great advice.

Blog Update

You may remember reading about the beautiful Abbey Gibson
from the blog posted on 4th September 2014

We are so proud of Abbey and her husband as their wedding
photo was selected as the cover photo on the latest edition
of the Hunter Valley Wedding Planner Magazine.

This photo shows off what a perfect couple they are.


The Beautiful Annah Allwood

Ready to Wear client

My husband proposed to me overlooking a beautiful volcano in the rainforest of Bali. Picture perfect and stunning, and this is how I wanted our wedding to be. Firstly, we needed to choose a venue. My husband and I were both born and raised on the Central Coast but are now living in Far North Queensland. We chose to have our wedding in the picturesque Palm Cove, a beachfront town north of Cairns.
I live in a small remote town with shops including a Woolworths, post office, hardware store and newsagent. The closest bridal store was well over 820km away in Cairns. I scoured the internet looking at gowns to try and obtain a feel of what I wanted, but nothing seemed quite right. Its difficult to imagine yourself in a gown with limited pictures and without being able to see and touch it. I flew to Cairns and tried on a few gowns but did not get the feel that I wanted. All the while, in the back of my mind I had Kel-Leigh Couture playing over and over again. Ask any Central Coast girl where to find a bridal store and I guarantee that Kel-Leigh Couture will be at the top of the list.
So I jumped on a plane and headed back to my family on the Coast.
I looked through a few other stores, trying on all types of dresses; mermaid, princess, strapless, sweetheart, chiffon, lace, organza, satin!
But very few grabbed my eye.
I made an appointment with Kel-Leigh Couture and took my mother along with me.  Stepping into the store, you know that you are in good hands. The walls are lined with beautiful dresses, soft and warm lighting, a comfy couch in the middle and dressing rooms at the back. With a few quick introductions with the girls and discussions of what I had been looking at, I was in the dressing room. In no time at all, I had tried on a number of stunning gowns each with their own unique beauty. With help from the girls we had narrowed it down to  beautiful chiffon gown with a sweetheart neckline and small train. But something was still not quite right.

The girls then brought out an stunning piece of hand-sewn crystals and beads. She draped it across the dress and pinned it in place. It was then that I knew that this was the dress for me. I had always heard people talking about the moment that they knew it was "the one." I had never believed it until it had happened to me, and it was magical! And I have the girls at Kel-Leigh Couture to thank; who knew their products inside and out, their professionalism and an eye for detail. Deposit was paid and I flew back home with a smile on my face and peace that I had found my gown. 

A few months later, the gown was ready and I flew back down for the one and only fitting that I was able to have due to the distance. One fitting was all that was needed. The gown fitted perfectly!! I had fallen in love with it all over again. Kel quickly and efficiently pinned the hemline to the appropriate height. Kel discussed options with me regarding the train of the gown. She was able to remove it completely, transform it into a smaller puddle, or leave it as its. I chose to leave the train and Kel ensured that she would allow it to be bustled at the end of the night. Kel then assisted me to choose a hair piece and earrings from her range. By the end of my appointment I caught my full reflection, a stunning gown, elegant earring and headpiece. Perfect! I left that day knowing that the next time I saw the dress would be our wedding day.

The week of the wedding I organised for my mother to pick up the gown and fly with it to Cairns. The girls at Kel-Leigh Couture steamed the gown and ensure that it was perfect before letting it go. Knowing that it was heading on a plane, they gave us tips on how to keep it crinkle free and stunning.
The day was upon us, our wedding day! The gown was everything I had dreamed it would be. I felt like a princess and my husband and family loved it. Thank you to Kel and the girls for making our day perfect!






Ready to Wear
Choosing Your Wedding Gown

Choosing your Wedding Gown will be one of the hardest things you will need to decide when planning your wedding, but don't fear I am going to walk you through all your options.

The first thing you need to decide is when is the wedding? where is the wedding? and what is my set budget for my wedding gown?

Many brides are unsure as to where to start when planning a budget for their gown, so look online at some dresses, visit bridal shops to see what styles are out there and what they are selling for. You will start to find yourself going to one particular style or fabric and you will also start to see what price range you are at.

Today I will talk about Ready To Wear. Ready to wear simply means you try on the sample and select the colour and size you want and then the gown is ordered in for you. Very little can be changed on ready to wear when you place an order. Simple things like changing it from a lace up to a zip is an option depending on the designer.  Most changes will need to be done by a designer or someone with experience in bridal apparel.

Ready to wear gowns are ever so popular as brides can see what they are getting before hand, unlike a Couture or Custom gown as they are created from a pencil drawing and  individually designed for each client. Rarely are two  created the same.

At Kel-Leigh Couture we have a fabulous range of ready to wear gowns from an number of designers that are available to order in your size and colour. Gowns can take 12 - 17 weeks for delivery, and sometimes a little longer when we get closer to Christmas/New Year.

Once in our beautiful store you will enjoy the comfort of your own experienced Bridal consultant who will discuss your ideas and tastes and then show you our ready to wear collection for you to try on.  Using her experience she will choose dresses she know you will love and look great in.

If you have no idea what you want - No Problem! That's exactly what all our staff are trained at, we will first try you in a number of silhouettes like a Mermaid, a ball gown, an A-Line and a fit and Flare to name a few, once we have found the silhouette you love and look amazing in we then try on many different options in that silhouette until you find your dream gown. Don't be surprised if it's the first one, it happens all the time!

Once your gown has been ordered and has arrived in house, we will contact you to come in and try your dress on and then discuss such things if they are required like alterations to the dress. As the dress is ordered in standard sizes usually the hem needs to come up, or you may have lost a little weight and the gown needs to be taken in, or you may want something special added to your gown, we discuss all this with you at your first fitting.

I should point out also ladies when preparing your budget take into consideration not only the cost of your gown but any further alterations you may need, like hemming, adding straps, beadwork or taking in your gown as these can add to your final price. Remember unlike a Couture gown the price of a ready to wear gown is just the gown that has been ordered in a standard size.

Most of all enjoy the hunt of your perfect gown and let us help you find that Special Gown..
















The Beautiful Alicia Turner
Couture Client

When I first met Alicia,  I knew straight away we would get along extremely well and have a lot of fun.

Alicia knew exactly what she wanted right down to how she wanted the fabric to fall. The gown had to be soft, flowing, white and comfortable, nothing too fancy just touch of class and elegance.

We started by selecting the right fabrics. I had a lace in mind that I knew would be exactly what Alicia had in mind that would not overwhelm the gown or style. When I showed Alicia the gorgeous soft simple patterned lace straight away she loved it!

During the whole creation process, Alicia was just so easy going to work with but still not losing sight of the look she wanted. We decided to remove all boning from the bust area as Alicia felt this was to "hard" looking and really wanted the softness all over. Removing the boning from the bust achieved the desired look and Alicia felt extremely comfortable.

I then accompanied the lace with a beautiful white silk satin. The scallop of the lace was then attached to the hem by hand to create her fitted custom couture gown with soft train, the back was lowered and finished off with beautiful buttons.

The whole look was completed with a gorgeous long white veil that cascaded down the length of her gown, keeping in style with the elegant theme.

Alicia then dressed her bridesmaid in deep Navy with a high neck that were custom created for her by Kel-Leigh Couture.

Alicia Turner says:

Finding your wedding dress has got to be the most exciting moment of the lead up to the big day. I knew what I wanted, but I couldn’t find ‘it’!

I saw photos of a friend’s wedding online and his wife’s dress was simply amazing and like nothing I had seen before, I just had to go to the shop where she bought it! My friend told me that she actually had it made and designed by Kel-Leigh Couture. I made an appointment straight away and met with Kel. I explained to what I wanted, I showed her pictures and from that Kel sketched my dream wedding dress!

The process of getting my dress made from the choosing of materials, to the calico fittings, to the final result is something I think every bride should experience. It was so personal, I was actually a little upset when my final appointment came as my journey of meeting up with Kel and her team every couple of months and seeing my dress come together was over!

Kel and her team are so welcoming and hold a real love for what they do and it truly shows in the service they provide.

The end result of what Kel made was beyond what I could have dreamt of and what I believe I would have ever found off the shelf. I absolutely loved my dress, how it fit, how the material felt and the detail and work Kel had put into it. Thank you to Kel and her amazing team, my wedding day would not have been the same with you! xx




The Beautiful Abbey Gibson
Couture Client

I remember when Abbey came to me with an idea of her perfect gown,
I knew then we would work  well together and
I was so excited Abbey trusted me to create her vision.

Abbey knew she wanted something really special and different
and so after a few deep discussions and "Play Dates"
we had her gown in production.

Abbey's gown has a mixture of colours and textures to create
her custom couture gown. We have the gorgeous Ecru coloured
Silk Dupion  as a base to work on, we then layered
gorgeous Natural coloured Silk Organza over the top
of the skirt, where we created these amazing silk dupion
coiled flowers and leaves all by  hand.

Abbey's bodice was crafted with Silk Dupion and Organza,
we then cut out pieces of lace in an off-white and soft coffee colour
and they were  all hand appliquéd onto her gown,
the finishing touch was the scrunched silk dupion waist tie,
which just topped it all off.
I think you will agree she looked amazing!



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